Monday, August 23, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"METHUSELAH'S PILLAR" Author W.G. Griffiths


W.G. Griffiths takes the reader on a fascinating journey that will send chills up your spine as you sit on the edge of your seat from beginning to end in a guessing game that makes you keep asking page-after-page, what horrible bit of evidence will pop up next? What kind of powers will the pillar infect the world with, and who will grab it? As the reader is introduced to ancient wells, enemies in Afghanistan and the translation of early writings, the characters come to life in a deadly game that becomes an obsession as the world begins to shatter like broken glass. Samantha finds herself playing monkey in the middle as danger becomes more intense, while the heart-pounding race between the CIA and the terrorist insurgents continue through unstoppable action that explodes like fireworks on each and every page of a thrill ride that will cause an adrenaline rush. What happens to John Decker, after he is taken hostage? Who will unlock the mystical, magical secrets of the pillar first, and will evil spread through the midst of a battle where the clock is ticking fast? I highly recommend this captivating, high-adrenaline, spectacular thriller to all suspense lovers. The author is a mystical mastermind who did everything in his power to create an incredible thrill ride with relentless action through an unforgettable plot made for the movie screen. The reader will witness descriptive ancient artifacts, biblical legends, international espionage and horrifying intentions from a terrorist group as deadly plagues and immortality reaches its highest peak in a gripping story through a compelling journey of the past and present. "METHUSELAH'S PILLAR" contains as much danger as TOP GUN, is as riveting as ARMAGEDDON and as thrilling as THE ROCK, with Hollywood superstar Sean Connery.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"YOUR YOGA EXPERIENCE" Author Sandi Greenberg, RYT

52 Comprehensive Lessons For Lifelong Practice


Sandi Greenberg, educator, counselor and mentor in the academic and fitness fields has taken her years of expertise in both yoga and teaching, sharing her experience and creativity that can change lives on and off the mat. Her talent, combined with her effort is a magnificent contribution not only to her students, but to all of society. The author helps people attain peace of mind, clarity, and direction to maximize physical and mental well being. Sandi has created a Masterpiece through her guidance and lessons within the pages of "YOUR YOGA EXPERIENCE." This book is an essential tool and a practical guide that inspires not only the yoga community, but students and teachers as well. The author will guide you step-by-step to find your own peaceful silence, and will show you how to use it effectively to get through those tough times that life throws upon us. "YOUR YOGA EXPERIENCE" contains 52 comprehensive lessons with powerful ingredients, featuring inspirational quotes in every lesson, along with a photo glossary of poses. The 52 lessons are broken down into four unique parts, spiritually and intellectually crafted, adding spice to the life of each student. This book is highly recommended for beginning and experienced teachers as well as students, is a valuable companion in your library, and is a rewarding contribution that will forever live in the lives of the students. Savor each moment in the spiritual richness of the message of yoga, let Sandi guide you through the physical benefits of each pose as you observe a natural transformation that occurs, you won't be disappointed! Learn how to focus on the moment, take control, and have a positive attitude. Choose the moments that will help you become stronger physically and mentally, while learning a sense of peace and happiness.