Saturday, October 16, 2010


"REPAIRING RAINBOWS: A True Story Of Family, Tragedy and Choices"


Lynda, Carla, and Wendy grew up in a home that was filled with riches. Their parents were not rich with money, but with love and happiness, which they shared with their family. There was never a dull moment, from smelling the aroma of delicious dinners coming from the kitchen, to hearing dance steps of little feet as entertainment was performed with joy. The children knew a mother, who had a heart of gold, and a father who loved to giggle at his own jokes. Memories with relatives at celebrations was a gift in itself, and a bond of happiness within one family was priceless. The sweet tunes of music echoed through their home, and laughter could be heard miles away. Lynda Fishman knew the perfect family life that many children today can only dream about having, until that horrific phone call was received, and tragedy changed her life forever. Can you imagine at age thirteen, finding out that your mother and siblings were killed in a plane crash? Can you imagine the pain that Lynda and her father endured, not knowing what to do first? A young girl, now distraught over loss of loved ones is forced to deal with many challenges. Will her father ever be the same man she once knew? Who will make crucial decisions for survival in their shattered lives? Can the agonizing memories of funerals, sorrow, and hardship ever be erased from their lives? Where does one begin as her home is transformed from comfort and joy, to despair and silence? Will the terrifying sounds of crying block the laughter that once echoed through the house? I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be inspired to overcome their own struggles from the most difficult time in their lives. The author created a Masterpiece made for the movie screen from a remarkable true story of family, love, and survival. The reader is taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride through one family that becomes traumatized with terror and filled with anger, while searching for hope. Lynda Fishman begins to focus on determination and strength to fight the obstacles of pity and loss in her own spiritual journey. Is it possible with perseverance, courage and passion to help others, to be able to live life once again? If so, what better role model would there be to follow than Lynda Fishman? The author penned an unforgettable story of courage, strength and hope through a challenging journey of a lost childhood, to a rewarding adulthood. The incredible story is appealing, and compelling. "REPAIRING RAINBOWS: A True Story Of Family, Tragedy and Choices" is as touching as GHOST, as powerfully moving as JACOB the LIAR and as captivating as REMEMBER THE TITANS, with Denzel Washington.


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  2. Thank you Kindly for your Lovely comment, and for visiting. The Author is Very Talented, and a brave, strong woman. She has enough Inspiration to Share with the entire world. The book is Incredible & the story is Remarkable, made for the TV Screen.
    A story told, but never forgotten by the author, and every reader!