Sunday, December 30, 2007


December 30, 2007 As the Countdown begins for the upcoming New Year, It is indeed a time to Reflect. As I look back to many moons ago, to where I was, and to where I am now, my inner thoughts Reflect on What's in store for 2008? What do I wish? How can I Move forward? Thinking back from the sixties to now. What's really Top priority, besides room for Motivation & determination to reach my goals? First & Foremost--I wish for World Peace. I wish for Safety & hope & Prayers for our soldiers in Iraq. As I learned from my Dad who fought for this country, and many friends I lost in the Vietnam War & their families who I think about today. As we all know, Freedom is not free! I Pray for the Safety of our soldiers, and that they will be in our thoughts until the war is over! I pray that my family & friends stay safe, healthy & are financially stable in the upcoming New Year! Last, but not least...May All your Dreams come true & I wish U All Happiness in your hearts & in your lives. God Bless! Happy New Year! Cheers, Geri

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