Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome To All Authors And Readers

December 29, 2007 First I'd like to say...."Happy Holidays to All." For the upcoming New Year--I wish Good Health to All my Friends. May the New Year Ring in Best Wishes---May All your Dreams come true! This Blog will be a Place for Me and Friends---All readers are welcomed of course, to be a place of comfort, and enjoy the Reviews of the Many Talented Authors that I will be honored to read & Review their work. At the present time, I am accepting 2 books per Author per month-- to give other Authors a chance to also get reviewed. As an Author of 6 books-- I know the Importance of Reviews & how much it can help in successful promotions. I will Accept All Genres, but will only accept Print Copies, And my List is growing. Authors are Listed on a first-Come-First Serve-basis-- in all fairness. Some Authors have emailed me to request a Review for a New Release---coming soon. That's fine, as your name & title will be added to my List in the order per request. For the Month of January 2008---All Reviews are FREE. Each month--I will Post Bulletins on Myspace with New Info. pertaining to my Reviews. Also you can contact me with questions u may have, or requests for New Reviews at:, and I will always reply ASAP! As for me, I will be on a Writing Break for at least 6 months. I enjoy Reviewing as I've done many moons ago. I've also Edited the 6 books I wrote, but for 2008, I will be doing Reviews---Editing may come later on--depending on my workload. At this time--a few days before New Years--I'd like to begin by wishing you All Only the Best that life can offer in 2008, and the Best of luck in All your Writing Endeavors! Cheers, Geri


  1. Yay Geri!!! You've got a handle on things!! Good for you, you're smart so I knew you'd catch on quick :) I hope you have fun in reviewing. We'll chat about them from time to time!

  2. Thank you sweetie,
    Tis a New adventure
    for me, but one that will be
    Peaceful & enjoyable. Thanx for
    being such a good friend!
    Hugs, Geri