Wednesday, January 9, 2008

*****Stars In Their Eyes

~~BOOK REVIEW~~ Courtney Primm is a young, beautiful and successful soap opera star on the show Chateau Pacific. Leah Conroy is Courtney's personal assistant, and her best friend. Their dream was to move to Los Angeles, where Ms. Primm could move up the ladder to fame and fortune, and Leah could become photographed by Hollywood's rich and famous. Their dreams became reality as they take the reader behind the scenes, while they live the unpredictable fast-paced life as they push and shove their way under the spotlights to reach stardom heaven. The cast and crew of Chateau takes the reader on a tour during onset and offset hours, describing how far a new star will go to get what they want, while climbing the ladder of glitter to fame. Courtney and Leah were introduced to living two different lives. One gorgeous life of glamour, lights, and action. The other life quite ugly, packed with lies, bribes, arrogance and dishonesty. Courtney's top priority is dedication and devotion to her career from soap opera queen to feature film. Leah will do anything in her power to help Courtney move up the ladder from cunning lies to back-stabbing schemes, to eavesdropping and spreading evil gossip. The reader is taken behind closed doors, observing the behavior and distrust among the cast and crew of Chateau. Leah's mission is accomplished as Courtney becomes more successful, but then Courtney meets Jay Barnes at an after party, and falls in love with him. Her life completely changes. She was used to living the fake life onset, and the real life offset. Now, she becomes confused, forced to add the role as a new wife. She realizes her life will never again be as easy and simple as playing Trina on Chateau. Her life is now complicated as she struggles to balance the weights of career and marriage. After Courtney and Jay get married , her decision making changes, and so does her personality. Stars In Their Eyes is a comically dramatic story about the lives of people who had the same dream, which was to become a famous actor or actress. The reader is shown the highs and lows of success, and learns why so many famous movie stars that meet in Hollywood decide to chose another state to live in for their private lives. Stars In Their Eyes shows the many reasons why couples are pulled apart from their private lives, while living under the spotlights, destroying their personal lives. This novel is an excellent soap opera in itself, while describing the lives of Courtney and Leah, who are faced with many obstacles as they attempt to climb that ladder. The reader is left with an ending similar to "Gone With The Wind." Courtney will worry about it tomorrow, and tomorrow for her becomes a new year. The talented author takes us through this story as we witness a roller-coaster ride of emotions, while craving for the next episode. I recommend this novel to all soap opera lovers, men and women as well, and all those who would love to visit the inside scenes of Hollywood's rich and famous. 1-9-08 Author Geri Ahearn, IOM Writer/poet/Reviewer Author of 6 books

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