Saturday, March 1, 2008


For ALL Authors whose Books I Have Now... And For my List of Books Ending with # 21 (Author Virginia Lori Jennings) This List & These Author's Are for FREE BOOKS & Services--because we began Jan 1st/ 08 Any New Authors Now requesting a book Review My Fee will be $5.40 per book review/ Including my Services My Services Include the following: A Book Review A Posting of the Book Review on my Blog & 2 Websites upon your request Bulletins for Promos before--during & after my book review a visit from me to your website to post a comment about your review All Authors have my permission to Copy my Review, as is with my Signature, and add it to their own Blogs or websites. I AM ACEPTING ALL Genres I am ACCEPTING 2 Books per Author per month I am ACCEPTING Print format only--Paperback or: hardcover I am Not Accepting Ebooks at the present time Once I write & Publsh your review- It will remain as the original--No changes will be made--AFTER I've written & published it! Your book or books will never be judged poorly by me because of Editing/ or punctuation errors. What really counts in my opinion is the Story! Wishing U All a Great weekend! Geri

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