Saturday, April 5, 2008


BY: Kelly Moran Kelly Moran created a portrait as perfect as an artist would do, before that picture is displayed to the world. "An Insomniac's Dream" is a collection of poems and short stories. Her poems are crafted with the soul intention to inspire the reader, and her finishing touches in this picture are the intriguing short stories that make the reader crave for more. To complete her masterpiece, she adds many colors to bring her picture to life. Her poems speak on a personal level through experience in life, and dreams. Her poetic muse ranges from love to regret, and times of grief. The poems tug at the reader's heart as in "Candle Wishes." The reader can feel the pain, remorse and regret as we step into the author's shoes, while she looks back into haunting memories of the past. Suddenly, tears flow from the reader's eyes, imagining old ghosts who leave scars behind. One moment the reader is smiling and laughing, the next moment the reader is crying. "Every Pedal Falls" is thought-provoking, forcing the reader to turn the clock back, and compare their own life experience. "Dream Of Me" is loving, passionate, and sentimental. "To Better Days" inspire with words of encouragement. "Cries To Heaven" speaks of sadness and regret of events that make us sorry for diving back into a time of sunshine, until the unexpected hurricane arrived, changing our lives forever. In her sonnet "Reality's Pain" takes the reader on an emotional dark journey of what once was, and could have been. A risk taken in life by many of us in which we can relate to the same situation, forcing us to imagine where would we be without trial and error? Of course, all readers with open minds relate, and realize we are forced to learn from mistakes. But, we also become stronger. The short stories within the pages of "An Insomniac"s Dream" are chilling, filled with suspense, and remind you to turn on the lights, and always look behind you. "A Letter To Grandma" cries out loud the meaning of loss, and the suffering endured through a dreadful event we are all forced to face in this lifetime. "Thank You For Coming" leaves you on the edge of your seat, and it is as scary as some scenes are in "Cape Fear." Then the reader is taken through the doors of supernatural as in the movie "What Lies Beneath." If you were never superstitious before, you will be now! For the icing on the cake, the reader is left with similar afterthoughts as in the mind of Julia Roberts in "Sleeping with The Enemy." I would recommend this book as a good read for teens, and adults. I also highly recommend it to poetry lovers, and reader's who enjoy thrillers. Kelly Moran's poetry is as refreshing as that of "Emily Dickinson." Her short stories, combined with sonnets and breathtaking poetry are viewed in many different colors. The mood of each color is painted through her muse with skill and precision to take hold of the reader's attention, while you crave for more, leaving the reader in total satisfaction! Geri Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC


  1. I love poems that provoke emotions but bring me up instead of down. Insomnicac's Dream sounds like a fascinating read.

  2. Thank you wendy for taking the
    time to comment. A mixture of
    kelly's poems & short stories is
    a fine blend of mixed-emotions &
    inspiration. An Enjoyable Read!

  3. Aww! You guys rock! Thanks!
    Kelly Moran

  4. Your quite welcome Kelly! In my book--Credit must be given where
    Credit is Due & that about says it
    Hugs, Geri