Monday, May 5, 2008


THE SECRET LIFE OF A TEENAGE SIREN BY: Author Wendy Toliver Like most young teenage girls, Roxy couldn't wait to turn sixteen, but finally that special day arrived. The anticipation of dreaming with a glorious imagination of beauty, combined with the burning desire to be the focus of attention for the popular boys, closed the door to wishful thinking, while opening another door to reality. Throughout her teen years, Roxy realized that her reputation of the band geek as she played Miss. Innocent were two marks against her big time in the notice me department, and while your at it, don't forget to ask me out! She couldn't wait for those gray clouds hanging over her head to be replaced by the golden sun on her sweet sixteen. Suddenly, her dream comes true as she transforms into a magnet, attracting every gorgeous in school. The same geek who played in the band unnoticed, is now the beautiful, seductive woman that guys can't keep their eyes off of. Pleasantly surprised, Roxy now has the power to take full control of all the handsome, popular guys as she soaks up the attention like a sponge. The magic exists in her flute, but comes with two conditions. As the teenage Siren, she must keep this a secret, and reveal to no one that a few notes on her flute will put the guys in a trance as they push-and-shove closer to her. The second rule which is the toughest is that she's not allowed to fall in love. However, when Zach falls into the perfect picture of romance in a loving relationship, Roxy now has a big decision to make, which could affect her life many years down the road. Most young women at the age of sixteen would love the Siren transformation, but we all know that it's impossible to prevent the occurrence of love. After all, it's unconditional love that makes the world go round, while living happily ever after. Isn't that the golden dream many women crave for most of their lives? Who in their right mind would trade it in for anything else, knowing it's priceless? However, the crucial decision must be made, Siren or geek? That's an easy choice, no one would give it up. But, to be forced to throw true love in the garbage can, without looking back, is the cause of an instant migraine. For the icing on the cake, endless fear of guilt that could possibility haunt her forever is a tough choice for anyone to make, especially at age sixteen. Wendy Toliver kept the reader in suspense throughout the entire story, filling the reader's mind with curiosity to the end. "The Secret Life Of A Teenage Siren" is a delightful read for teens, and adults. Roxy comes to life as the author's main character with a superb performance on the same scale as "Harry Potter" with one exception, Harry's magic wand is Roxy's magnificent flute. This captivating novel was a blend of teenage drama, mixed with humor, creating a Masterpiece similar to one of Meg Cabot's finest. In a clever way, before the final curtain is drawn, Wendy Toliver makes sure it's not closed completely, leaving behind the possibility for a sequel. The reader walks away in pure content, craving for the next episode of Roxy with Mr. right, or is he Mr. Wrong? Geraldine Ahearn A.I.O.M. CCRN/ Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC


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