Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A Pulse-Pounding Thriller! "Honor Due" is a suspenseful, action-packed, entertaining thriller. A novel that draws the reader into the Vietnam War, describing what D.H. Brown had to face, and how he survived the horror. The author penned a compelling story through the main character as Major, defining his haunting past, history during the Vietnam Era, and the bravery of one hero who was determined to prove that life was still worth living. The Major's mission was to find answers, and seek truth as to what happened when South Vietnam was falling. Through his terrifying journey, he was deternined to seek vengeance for his fallen brother, and family. With courage, one warrior manages to find healing as romance blooms, and he is able once again to see light at the end of the tunnel. In comparison to reading novels about the military, "Honor Due" stands out with pride in an excellent performance that was written from the heart of a true warrior. In many war stories, we only see the cold, bloody, and the angry perspective of war. In this novel, through the fascinating character of Major, we don't just see the ugly. The journey through "Honor Due" takes the reader to the battlefield, then to the sunset where peace, and love bloom like flowers. Unlike most military novels, D.H. Brown has a unique way to invite the reader into the Vietnam Era during traumatic, uneasy times. The Major pours a fresh, brewed cup of coffee from across the table as he tells the story of his military nightmare, without decorating the violence. Most important, the story is told from the genuine characteristics of the Major's realistic personality. The protective, senitive, loving man that he was before becoming the Vietnam soldier, and his own battle to keep that self-respect. I applaud the author in his first book of "The Citizen Warrior Series." The Major was appealing, the plot was superb, and the story was interesting from beginning to end. I recommend "Honor Due" to teens, adults, and all readers who enjoy thrillers with a blend of romance, and humor. This novel was as chilling, and dramatic as "the Deer Hunter" with Robert Deniro. The Major told his story with as much heartfelt emotion as there was in "Armageddon." The true meaning of the word hero light up the pages in "Honor Due" on the same scale as viewing "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. Geraldine Ahearn A.I.O.M. CCRN/ Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC. Fellow Member ABI Women's Review Board


  1. Ah, Geri. What a fine review! Thank you so much. Now I need to start telling people about it. I'm very pleased you enjoyed the read. Be well, DH

  2. What's not to love about the Major. Your totally right about this author. Great book. I'm looking forward to the next. Great review.

  3. Wow what a wonderful review.
    Mr. Brown does write amazing adventure filled stoies.

  4. Thanks for the awesome review! I'm going to check out this book and others by D.H. Brown. You've convinced me!

  5. Great interview, DH!! From one Veteran and author to another, your book sounds very intriguing!!! Best of luck with your writing and marketing endeavors!!!

  6. D. H. Brown said you'd written a good review. I'd say you've written a great review of Honor Due. I found out yesterday he lives just 50 miles from me. I have to meet him sometime.

  7. Nicely done review and interview. There are several great review of Honor Due out. Defintely a writer to watch. I going to order a copy today.

  8. I enjoyed the read very much with
    undivided attention, interest &
    Respect for All who served this
    country, especially that your
    Reviewer is a Babyboomer, lost many
    friends from my High School, and
    who worked in a VA Hospital in
    Northport, Long Island NY during
    my Nursing career. I admire your
    strenth & courage with Serving
    your country, then writing your
    story. I'm Certainly more than
    anxious to read your New Releases.
    You are One brave Hero, and Talented writer!

  9. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for commenting.
    The Book is Awesome! The Author is
    Talented, and I Pray he sells a
    million copies. This BabyBoomer
    stands behind him with my utmost
    respect & recognition for this Hero!

  10. Hi Ana,
    Thank you for visiting us
    & commenting. Yes! I totally agree,
    one word describes his Writing...

  11. Hi Penny,
    Thank you so much
    for Commenting & for your
    compliment. I'm Excited for him,
    such Talent!

  12. Hi MJ,
    Thank you sweetie, very
    kind for you to visit & comment.
    "Honor Due" is what I expected,
    and I crave for More!

  13. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you kindly for
    visiting us & commenting. Also,
    thank you for your compliment.
    Truth is, my pen flowed for that
    Review as good as it did for D.H.
    when writing his story. There was
    Never a dull moment on any given
    page & I was addicted to reading
    to the end, regardless of how tired
    I was. The book draws you in
    from the first page to the end,
    and holds your Attention!

  14. Hi Kerry,
    My exact thoughts, I cant't wait to read the entire
    Series. Thank you for commenting!

  15. Wow! After reading the review and then the comments I have to go get thisbook. Honor Due sounds like a grand story. Thanks I'll let you know how I liked it.

  16. D. H. Brown said in The Warrior Report you'd written a good review. I'd say you've written a great review of Honor Due. I found out yesterday he lives just 50 miles from me. I have to meet him sometime.

  17. Hi Kirsten,
    Thank you for visiting
    us & commenting. It's much Appreciated. I know you will
    Truly enjoy it as I did. I'm looking forward to his New Releases!

  18. Good review. I read it and bought Honor Due. Mainly because I'd gotten tired of the shoot'em up fantasy thrillers that seem to grow like mushrooms and you said this was different. It was! Very real and down to earth. Mostly I really liked the Major. Great story and well told. I too can recommend this book.

  19. Hi Daral,
    Thank you for visiting
    us & commenting. I totally agree,
    the Major as the main character
    lights up the book like the 4th
    of July. I'd have to say it's a
    key factor in drawing the reader in
    & holding their Interest. Bravo
    To D.H. Brown, Mission Accomplished!

  20. I said I'd come back and tell you how I liked the book. I got my copy of Honor Due Yesterday and read it until 3 this morning. I was late to work because the alarm didn't wake me. I hate it when a book does that to me. You were totally right on. It is a page turner for sure. I am now a devoted fan for sure. Thanks for turning me on to it.

  21. Hi Kirsten,
    Thank you! I can relate!
    I went to sleep last night at 3am
    also...Reading for Reviews LOL!
    Alarm clock? Didn't hear mine
    either LOL! Glad u enjoyed
    "Honor Due." I think his fans
    are contemplating on reading the entire
    series...Awesome! Such Talent!

  22. Well I did it. Read it all at one sitting. Honor Due is certianly one stunning read. I think it would make a great movie. Very good review.

  23. Hi Don,
    Thank you very much
    for visiting us & commenting.
    I agree, "Honor Due" is fine
    material for a Movie. So exciting
    it has to be to D.H. Brown to
    receive such compliments for "Honor
    Due." Awesome!