Saturday, July 12, 2008

*****REVIEW "When The Leaves Stop Falling"

By Author Kelly Moran The main character in "When The Leaves Stop Falling" is Edith Meyers, a widow who fulfills her dream of owning her own diner. A woman who reached for the stars, and became successful, but was emotionally distraught from the loss of her husband as she realized something in her dream was missing. Her mission was to share her dream with her husband, but after his passing, her love for him tormented her day-after-day. She became bitter, while living a sad, lonely life after his funeral. Edith no longer cared much about anything, and basically survival was the name of the game as she battled with her own strength to live without him. Her sweet memories of him filled her mind as she set out one gloomy, evening in a rain storm, while driving her old truck to pick up a juke box for the diner. She pulled off to the side of the road, waiting for the pounding rain to subside, where she suddenly finds Courtney Morgan lying in the street. A helpless young woman covered in bruises, and blood. Courtney is a sixteen year old runaway, beaten, and abused for years by her father. As Edith saves Courtney's life, her own life is about to change at that very traumatic moment. The story begins as Edith, and Courtney bond, while drama adds to their lives in the years to come. Within the first two chapters of this heart-wrenching story, Kelly Moran fills the pages with emotion, and sorrow. The setting is realistic, and the plot is a thought-provoking masterpiece as the characters come to life. The author created a poignant, bittersweet soap opera, with a blend of romance. "When The Leaves Stop falling" is a page turner from beginning to end as Kelly Moran draws the reader in immediately, filling the pages with curiosity, while daring the reader to find out what happens next. "When The Leaves Stop Falling" is entertaining, and hauntingly powerful. The story is as emotional as "STEPMOM" with Julia Roberts, and Susan Sarandon. Author Geri Ahearn, INC. Author of 6 books/ Interviewer A.I.O.M. CCRN Lifetime Member ABI Women's Review Board


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  3. Geri,
    You gave the author of When The Leaves Stop Falling a great review. The story sounds like a wonderful story.


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    Appreciated! Yes! The Story is
    Awesome--a Great read indeed from
    beginning to end. She's a Talented
    writer, and I've been reminding her
    of that from Day 1 since her books
    fell into my hands!

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    Thank you for commenting!
    The Book is a "Winner" and it
    certainly deserves Recognition,
    and I'll make sure it gets it!

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