Sunday, October 19, 2008


By Katherine Warwick Katherine Warwick is an author who certainly has had expertise in dance-romance novels, now surprises the reading audience with her psychological, spine-tingling thriller, "An Open Vein." As a health professional for thirty years, a graduate from a psychiatric school of Nursing, and a born-and-bred New Yorker were the reasons that drew me into Warwick's cleverly written plot, immediately with overwhelming interest. The main character, John Banks is a high school graduate at age sixteen, and is accepted into pre-med. Everyone knows that John is a genius, but they don't know that he lives in a strange, confusing world. Although his IQ may be high, he lacks common sense, not to mention self-esteem. He decides to spend time in New York with Kane, a life-long friend. Kane taught John how to read people, and get into their heads, but the ultimate question that prevails is one which makes this novel a page turner. Can John read Kane? John's life becomes threatened, according to Kane, but how can we believe in Kane? The more you read about Kane, the more psychotic he becomes, and John becomes a prisoner of abuse. The reader is forced to ponder on two essential questions. Why did John allow Kane to hold him hostage, like an animal in a cage? How is it possible that someone who suffers from a mental illness is usually not investigated until after damage has been done to himself, and society? The author paints a realistic New York setting, the plot is as superb as the psychological thriller, "Psycho." I recommend this novel to teens, adults, and all mystery lovers. "An Open Vein" is as chilling as "WHAT LIES BENEATH" with Harrison Ford, and Michelle Pfeiffer! Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Hon.DG IBC Author of 6 books/CCRN Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board


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