Sunday, November 2, 2008


By: MJ Allaire Fictional Fantasy Series- Book 3 Thank you For Your Patience!


  1. Wooooooohoooooooo can't wait to see what your opinion is of the third book in my YA fantasy series, Dragon's Tear!

    As always, THANK YOU Geri!

    Hugs, MJ Allaire
    YA Fantasy Author

  2. I'm finished reading & just Now
    ready to post your Review!
    I Loved it! It sits on my shelf
    with Book 1 & Book 2! I shall
    share it with my Foster children,
    but I need to hide it from my
    teenage neighbor! I had a tough
    time Sharing Book 2 LOL! I let him
    read them, but he doesn't want to
    Share it LOL! Oh! The joy of it all!
    XO Hugs, Geri