Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~La Bajada Lawyer~~

By: Author/ Attorney JONATHAN MILLER AN ENGROSSING THRILLER! In Jonathan Miller's fifth novel, a dark comic legal thriller, "La Bajada Lawyer" takes the reader for another journey through the closed doors of crime, and the opened doors where justice is served. Dan Shepard is an attorney from Santa Fe, and La Bajada is the decent where Santa Fe ends and Albuquerque begins. Dan finally makes it to the top of the ladder with success in his career, but his law practice, and good reputation becomes threatened when he is informed that his girlfriend Ophalia is involved in a murder case. His life is about to change as quick as a lightbulb with major decisions he needs to make as he desperately tries to protect his career and reputation, while attempting to defend Ophalia. He finds himself in a sinking ship after he hires a beautiful, seductive attorney Luna Cruz to help him with the case as he falls in love with her. What strings must Dan pull in the world of politics to save Ophalia? Will Luna drown with him in his sinking ship? Is Ophalia innocent, or guilty of killing the governor's wife, and dumping her body in a ditch? Will justice be served, and for whom? I recommend "La Bajada Lawyer" to all thriller lovers and for reader's who enjoy suspense, and drama in a colorful dialogue, entertained by strange characters with a sense of humor. Jonathan Miller's expertise as an attorney in the field of criminal law, combined with his admiration for Albuquerque shines through in his writing. He leads the reader by the hand to the inside scenes of the courts where justice is served, after walking in from the outside world that's covered in crime. He clearly describes the good, bad, and ugly from the eyes of an experienced criminal attorney who has seen it all. For the icing on the cake, he adds a great deal of wit through all the drama, with his keen sense of humor. "La Bajada Lawyer" is a page turner from beginning to end as the reader becomes extremely curious to find out the verdict. This novel is one that would indeed light up a movie screen with its intense drama, packed with twists-and-turns, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat. It's a suspenseful whodunit, an engrossing thriller, and is as intense as JOHN Q, with Denzel Washington! Geraldine Ahearn, AIOM, HonDG (IBC) Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ Author of 6 books

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