Tuesday, February 24, 2009


By: Author/Artist Morgan Fitzsimons And Author Kat Jones Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction An Earth Shattering Adventure! Awe-Inspiring! Rivets And Amazes! An Extraordinary Battle For The Future Of Humanity! REVIEW Hunter is a leader, a great warrior who was admired by his crew. A crew that obeyed his every command, and were so loyal to him that they would have died for him. The ship in which Hunter and his crew were traveling in crashes, and Earth becomes their new home. While investigating their new home, Hunter and his crew discover the royal flagship of The TIMEWEAVERS. Hunter is accepted to enter the battle station, signifying the fight against the darkness of time as his crew is allowed to follow. Hunter realizes he has entered the world of the Avalon, the Supreme Ruler's domain, where he must go back in time to his past, before he proceeds with his quest to override Medraut's control. As Hunter goes back in time with the clock, his crew must witness that when Hunter belonged to the Doomwatch since childhood, he was forced to endure a life he didn't choose. But, regardless of his own beliefs, survival was the name of the game. Although he was forced to serve Medraut, he always defied him. While under Medraut's dictation, Hunter's eyes could only see death, and cruelty. A world filled with elite killing machines, where oppression replaced humanity. Medraut was a vindictive man who thrived on violence in a dishonest world, where morals and values did not exist. Now, Hunter must relive the life of Lancelot, and be the greatest warrior of The TIMEWEAVERS, mastering the secrets of time as he lives on. During his mission to win power over Medraut, and gain respect for his entire kingdom, the battle must begin. Does Lance finally prove what a wretch Medraut was? Does Lance find more missing TIMEWEAVER warriors? Who wins the battle across the stars to gain honor, and destroy evil? I recommend this novel to all fantasy, and science fiction lovers. The story is a suspense-filled, Twilight Zone thriller. A chilling, frightening nightmare that becomes a Masterpiece of mystery, giving terror a new name. The TIMEWEAVERS is as amazing as "War Of The Worlds" with Tom Cruise, and is as scary as Stephen King's, THE LANGOLIERS." Geraldine Ahearn, AIOM, HonDG (IBC) Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ Author of 6 books


  1. thanks for the awsome review you are the best
    fitzsimmons publishing

  2. Your quite Welcome Paul! I enjoyed
    the Book! There will be Many More
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  3. Hi Geri and Paul,
    This sounds like a great book. My son is always reading stories like this and then pushing them my way. And guess what, I love them. I'll check to see if he has this one. If not, we'll have to invest in a copy.

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for Visiting
    and taking time to comment. It is
    well Appreciated! I think your
    son would like it. I have friends
    who have teens that I know would
    also enjoy it! A Great read indeed!