Saturday, March 21, 2009

**Welcome Back Author Mack Beasley**

Welcome back Mack! Author of: "FALSE JUSTICE" *****REVIEW Author of: His New Release-- "DELAYED JUSTICE" Congrats Mack! Genre: Mystery Author Mack Beasley was brought up in Dothan, Alabama, and lived there until 1993. He sold auto parts his entire life. He was a sales manager for an auto parts warehouse, traveling three states to sell to auto parts stores. He attended college in 1968, and 1969 in the evenings, and completed his studies at Wallace Community College. He has attended business, and customer related courses over the years. He handled government contracts, while working for his company, with army bases. He put his children through college, and his biggest achievement, which Mack believes is a gift from God was to stay sober for thirteen years. "DELAYED JUSTICE" has just been released! Welcome Back Mack!


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