Saturday, April 18, 2009


"EQUALITY" by author Tim Kellis is not a book that's based on research to aid in counseling for married couples. It is not a novel that's focused on the opinion of psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts who have worked with failing marital relationships. It is not a book based on the religious experts who assisted couples during troubled times. Experience, combined with intense research on the increasing divorce rate in the United States explained by Tim Kellis is what "EQUALITY" is all about. He describes the true meaning of happiness, and the fine line between love, and hate. According to the author, and experts who worked with hundreds of couples that were seeking professional advice to prevent divorce will all agree that two factors are essential for every successful marriage. After working in the health field for thirty years, along with observation of numerous couples who filed for divorce, I agree that these two factors make up the golden key to marital happiness. One lesson lived and learned through experience is that we must face the nightmares in our past, bury them, forgive and move on. If we choose to go on, pretending that our past was wonderful, we will indeed transfer that pain onto the people we love dearly. The second crucial lesson, and golden key to walk through the door of marital happiness is that we must first be happy with ourselves. If we are unhappy with ourselves, and don't face hauntings of the past, then we will walk into a new relationship, unintentionally transferring unhappiness and blame onto our partner. The months and years will pass as sadness, and ambivalent feelings begin to grow like wildflowers. The final result will end in divorce, even though this is not what the couples wanted, even if love does still exist. The damage created unintentionally most of the time is not mended, it builds up, and the couples have nothing left to hold onto, except sorrowful memories that resulted in departure. I recommend this novel to all married couples, and to those who enter into a new relationship. "EQUALITY" dives deep into the conscious, and unconscious, directing the reader to how the mind works, and the impact of insecurities that may be hidden for years. This novel is a unique, self-help book that shines light on the beauty of love as viewed in "Love Story." It makes the reader think of appropriate solutions and prevention of divorce with a positive attitude, rather than direct the reader's attention to negative aspects as viewed in War Of The Roses, or Gone With The Wind. In comparison to the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud on his conclusion that there's no where to go with our troubles with no solutions, current research has proven this hypothesis to be untrue. I agree with Tim Kellis, and based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung that insecurities can in fact be corrected, resulting in a healthy, happy marriage. Statistics have noted that most health professionals, including myself, agree that prevention and happiness is the best medicine of all! Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG (IBC) Founding Member of the ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ author of 6 books

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