Thursday, April 2, 2009

**Welcome Author THOMAS C. ADLER**

Welcome Aboard Tom! Author of: "CAMPINGLY YOURS" Subtitle: A Heartwarming Journey Of A Lifetime At Summer Camp Genre: Memoir Thomas graduated from Missouri University with a degree in secondary education, and taught, and coached high school in Denver, Colorado for one year. In 1979, Thomas took a leap of faith and, thanks in part to years of boyhood birthday savings bonds, purchased Chippewa Ranch Camp. Each summer since, he has supervised two-hundred and twenty counselors and campers around the clock, spearheading countless adventures. His summer camp experiences have allowed him to equally befriend people from all walks of life. Having sold the ranch, Thomas and his wife, remain onsite as co-directors to facilitate a smooth transition. AUTHOR INTERVIEW will be Posted in My Blog! BOOK REVIEW will be Posted on: This Review Blog

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