Wednesday, June 24, 2009

**I Welcome author DANIELLE PIERRE**

Author of: "JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN" Subtitle: "Unleash Your Inner Power And Take Control Of Your Life. No More Excuses!" Genre: Non-fiction/ Self-Help Danielle Theresa Pierre was born July 11, 1965 in San Mateo, California, to Daniel Clarence Pierre and Mary ("Judy") Judith Wayland. Danielle is an artist, freelance writer, poet, up and coming motivational speaker and the author of "JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!" Her new release is a self-help book series designed to help its readers discover the power they possess within. No matter how grim current circumstances may appear, each person has the ability to make seismic positive changes in their life experiences. Like most, Danielle has experienced many challenges and obstacles in life, and spent many years battling self-defeat. It wasn't until she found herself in one of her darkest moments that she finally broke the negative cycle, and changed the direction of her future. It was in that experience that Danielle realized she is the author of her life story, good, or bad. She discovered the key to great health, wealth, and happiness, and so can you! Each of us has unsurmountable power within that can and will push us to greatness, yet so many continue to live in a place of despair, struggle, and unfufillment that they don't have to. It is Danielle's life mission to help others emerge from negative circumstances and midsets, and create a life of happiness, and complete well-being. Danielle's philosophy is: "Our life experience begins with our thoughts, and it is through our thoughts that we experience life!" AUTHOR INTERVIEW will be Posted on: BOOK REVIEW will be Posted on: This Review Blog Welcome Aboard Danielle!


  1. Danielle,
    This sounds like a book that many people can benefit from! I hope you are doing well with sales.

    Heidi M. Thomas

  2. Hi Heidi,
    I totally agree. Our society in Today's World definitely
    needs the Inspiration!