Thursday, July 2, 2009


Genre: Western Historical REVIEW ***A TRIUMPH*** Nettie Brady who is fifteen years old sets out to pursue her dream, regardless of family opposition, and strict standards of society in the 1920s. She is determined to fight all obstacles that cross her path, including weather, and finances. Nettie finds the courage to replace skirts with pants, while protesting that a women's place doesn't have to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant. She begins to venture out into Montana's male territory to prove that she could be a rodeo champion and anything else she wants to be, despite ugly rumors of a bad reputation. Nettie is the prime example of "You've come a long way baby!" She is as strong and as persistent in fulfilling her dream as Martin Luther King was in many of his public presentations on peace, and equality. Nettie Brady is the perfect role model for women's rights as she holds her head up high in her first bucking steer ride at the rodeo, then proving a few years later that she could be one of Montana's famous cowgirls, a wife, and a mom. I recommend this novel to all reader's who enjoy a great western adventure as they step out of city life, and jump into Montana's big sky in the pastures, and hills. Heidi M. Thomas paints a picture perfect "Little House On The Prairie" setting as you learn about riding, and roping steers. The reader can smell the warm cow pie, while visualizing how life is lived on a ranch. The author's western story comes to life as the reader imagines the milking of cows, churning butter, and chicken chasing. The plot is realistic as Nettie continues to rebel, and life on the ranch may have been more simple back then, but daily chores were tough. The story becomes heart-wrenching and emotional when Nettie faces the loss of her baby sister, ignores her mother's request, and battles with all the storms through the journey of her dream. What happens when she falls in love with Jake? Will she be a famous cowgirl, or the boring housewife that she dreads to become? How does life change during the influenza epidemic? Will Nettie always ache in pain for love and acceptance from her family? Does she prove that her dreams only belong to her? Family history becomes a constant shifting of drama in a world of tradition as one woman dares to break the rules. "COWGIRL DREAMS" is a triumph in every respect in this delightful celebration of life, is as inspiring as ERIN BROCKOVICH, and as entertaining as THE HORSE WHISPERER with Robert Redford. Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG (IBC) author of 6 books Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board

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