Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Subtitle: "Sharing The Conservative Philosophy in a Politically Hostile World" Genre: Non-fiction/ Politics http://www.ibbetsonusa.com/ www.myspace.com/conservativeusa REVIEW **BRILLIANT** This novel takes the reader on an educational ride through the political history of America from its past, and to the present. It is indeed an essential wake-up call to all Americans in the political arena for a stronger government to return to the renewal of morals and values that once built America. The author clearly presents accurate research as he compares the different views from the eyes of a conservative, and the eyes of a liberal. Most important, he demonstrates through personal experience how those differences between the two parties affected world events, making this country what it has become today. Paul A. Ibbetson penned an intriguing novel, based on life's lessons as he points to the building blocks of American responsibility. He draws an imaginary line beween liberalism and conservatism in America as he walks the reader through critical issues of today, while describing how the conservative movement and liberal ideals contributed to the morality of American culture. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the political value systems that move America, and how moral courage is affected, based on solid research. Did the Hippie culture and bias affect standards in America? How did our higher institutions change? Did the Regan administration, or Bush's beliefs on terrorism contribute to the shape America is in today? In a brilliant presentation, the author covers The Fairness Doctrine, and The War On Terror. With extensive research, he presents documentation on The Patriot Act, and views on global warming. To continue to peek the interest of the reader, Paul A. Ibbetson describes with perfection the Border Security issue in the United States. Are opened borders an act of compassion to Americans, or illegal aliens? What happens when an American crosses the border, are they at their own risk? How does law enforcement differ in Mexico, compared to Arizona? The facts and conclusions drawn from the author, who was raised from conservative roots in America, makes this book appealing to both conservatives, and liberals. The author's personal journey through American politics becomes a stepping stone of knowledge for America's future. "FEEDING LIONS" contains sidesplitting comic in comparison to GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, and is as brilliant as WAG THE DOG with Dustin Hoffman, and Robert DeNiro. Author/Reviewer Geri Ahearn

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