Sunday, July 12, 2009

*****REVIEW ~On The Brink of Bliss and Insanity~ LISA CERASOLI

**OUTRAGEOUS** As Annie looks in the mirror, she sees a reflection of a twenty-eight year old woman who leads a life with absolutely no direction. As she tries to make a better life, her luck just gets worse-and-worse. She learns the hard way in the relationship with Michael that she cannot change him, or the manner in which he treats her. As he continues to portray the good-for-nothing, cheating boyfriend, Annie decides to find a new path. While she becomes unemployed, and thinking about her painful childhood with a mother who was nonexistent, she stumbles into Billy. Her relationship with Billy is not as good as Billy's relationship is with Michael. Billy, and Michael become very good friends. Billy is an ex-con, who wants to be a musician. He needs to find his inner-self, and a loving relationship doesn't seem to fit his schedule. Michael is all about Michael, and Billy is all about Billy. Where does that leave Annie? The more Annie thinks about ways to fix her entire world that falls apart, the more wrong turns she makes on the road to happiness. Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll just don't seem to help in any way. Annie's bad luck turns into desperation for a new life, while she realizes that she has no family, or friends to turn to. Billy tries to fulfill his dream, Michael continues to be arrogant, and Annie's solution to all her problems depends on the amount of tequila she's drinking. As Annie's reckless life begins to shatter like a broken glass, with a heart that needs mending, where will she go now? Does she ever meet Mr. Right, or does she stay with a charming, Mr. Wrong? As the saga continues in the ups-and-downs of Annie's life, will she find bliss, or insanity in her future? I recommend this novel to chick literature lovers, and everyone who enjoys a true-to-life story, with a blend of humor. Lisa Cerasoli penned an offbeat, delicious slice of life about a down-on-her-luck girl, and brings her to life. This book is brilliantly funny. The characters are smashing, and the story is outrageous, and touching. "ON THE BRINK OF BLISS AND INSANITY" is as wild as MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING, and as hilarious as THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, with Cameron Diaz. Author/reviewer Geri Ahearn

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