Saturday, August 1, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~THE ACRONYM: White Nights Of St. Petersburg by REBECCA LERWILL

Rebecca Lerwill's sequel to "RELOCATING MIA" is an incredible action-packed
adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mia Trentino is on her way
to Russia to testify against a member of the Russian Mafia for the horrifying events
she witnessed while held in captivity. Douglas Farland is Mia's fiancee, and one of
Acronym's agents, a spy who desperately tries to keep Mia alive. As a mission that's almost impossible begins to brew, Douglas must tangle and cross the monster who will stop at nothing to prevent Mia from testifying, otherwise known
as the brutal Sergei Selkin. As intense suspense and drama explode on the pages of this novel, like fireworks on the Fourth-Of-July, Douglas is reported as missing,
and framed for treason. To accomplish this mission, the brass knuckle toughness must succeed, the good guys need to win, and the bad guys need to vanish instantly. But that's only the beginning, someone needs to watch the moves of the devil in the blue dress, your worst nightmare, better known as Ludvika. Will the battle be won against the evils of the Russian Mafia? Will Mia ever testify about her horrifying abduction without the protection of Douglas? Does anyone find Douglas, and will he ever be able to love Mia again? I highly recommend this book to action and suspense lovers, who enjoy a thriller that's blended with romance.
The author colored the pages with nonstop twists-and-turns from high-voltage action to sweet, sensual romance, laced with drama. "THE ACRONYM: White Nights Of St. Petersburg" is as fast and furious as LETHAL WEAPON 4, and as
mesmerizing as THE JUROR with Demi Moore!

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