Saturday, August 8, 2009


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Sam Moffie takes the reader on an unforgettable road trip that's better than a seven-day-stay at Disney World, but is similar to Disney World's famous ride through America's past, present, and future. The main character is Aaron Abrams, a forty-seven year old English teacher whose life changes in a matter of
minutes, after one phone call of good news, and one moment of watching his
twenty year marriage go down the tubes. He was informed of an exciting book deal
he couldn't refuse, offering him one-hundred thousand dollars in advance to write
the "Yearbook" and the bad news was witnessing his wife and brother engaged in sex at his own home. During two moments of his life he will always remember, he decides to act with nonviolent behavior as he grabs his dog, and hits the road. As his road trip begins in Ohio and ends in scenic Niagara Falls, his journey becomes an incredible rambling, funny, and rambunctious trip that the reader will never forget. While driving on Interstate 80, the reader learns that Aaron is a guy who drowns his sorrows by becoming best friends with his golden retriever, how addicted Aaron is to the game Jinx, and his obsession with hemorrhoids. As the fascinating journey continues, we learn about Aaron's quirk for Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade, the odd characters he meets along the way, and the rediscovery of America seen through his eyes. We learn about the pain he had to bear from the betrayal of his wife, the blow to his head from his brother, and the powerful influence of flashbacks from the 70's music in relation to life's experiences. Before the end of Aaron's voyage, we also learn that he is a nurturing father of three children, a Romeo in new romance, and his thoughts about his daughter's pregnancy and her impending marriage. The adventurous journey continues with sidesplitting sexual encounters, the use of illegal narcotics, and aliens. As the reader takes history lessons during Aaron's new found freedom from New York to Boston, and Gettysburg to New Mexico, we are introduced to bizarre characters. For the icing on the cake, the author creates the amusing events of the Crazy Horse Monument. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an adventure, packed with entertainment, and filled with humor. Will Aaron ever find a place he could call home again? What shocking events did Aaron learn, while interviewing his fraternity brothers? Find out the answers in this unique, thought-provoking, fun ride. The author's down-to-earth candor in this fast-paced novel, packed with engrossing stories in a splendid plot will take you to places you've never been to, and make you crave for more. Does Aaron fall in love with his agent's assistant? Where did Aaron meet the nymphomaniac, pothead State Trooper? Fasten your seatbelt, and continue this amazing rode odyssey down memory lane of the past, and present. "NO MAD" is as touching as WHERE THE HEART IS, and as funny as NOTHING TO LOSE with Martin Lawrence, and Tim Robbins.

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