Sunday, August 23, 2009


Jennifer Swanson's extraordinary children's story is a sweet tale about two dogs,
an owl, a groundhog, and a cat. Penny and Rio are two dogs who are complete
opposites, with unique personalities. Penny is curious, noisy, and a great detective. Her sister Rio on the other hand, is quite content to just be lazy, and
sleep the day away. Penny attempts to persuade Rio to help unravel the mystery
in their backyard, which Penny has been observing, and investigating. Penny becomes rambunctious to begin research on the four intruders, invading Penny
and Rio's territory in the dark of night. As the adventure begins, we are introduced
to the actions of Buster, Shadow, Nutty and Feathers. They are determined to
invade the house next door, while Penny comes up with her own ingenious plan
as she continues to spy, during Rio's naps. Does Penny succeed to stop the critter
invasion, without her sister's help? Why was the neighbor's house a target for
the intruders? What information did we find out during the peculiar evening
gatherings? Penny steals the show with her astounding ability, determination,
and courage, despite getting punished for her actions. I highly recommend this
cute children's book for young readers, for dog lovers, and for everyone who's
still young at heart. The moral of the story is educational, the illustrations are
colorful, and the thrills will make you laugh. The reader will learn about
unexpected circumstances, and how we should love and respect our pets through
a journey of acceptance. "PENNY & RIO: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting" is
as fun-loving as LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW, and as entertaining as
Walt Disney's AIR BUDDIES.


  1. Thanks for the great review, Geri! I'm glad you liked the book. You must be a fellow dog-lover at heart.

  2. You're welcome Jennifer! Yes, I
    love dogs, and like me, my daughters always did as well.
    I don't recall ever living without
    one LOL!