Monday, August 17, 2009


Genre: Contemporary Romance/Multi-Cultural
Lynda Coker lives in the rolling hills of Northeast Texas with her husband of 45
years. Together, they enjoy the simple pleasures of life: long conversations, leisurely walks, time spent with good friends, and exploring the wonders and
beauty of the world around them.
After retiring from her secular career in Photographic Art, Lynda decided to embark on a new adventure, one she'd been thinking about for many years. An
avid reader, she'd often wondered if she could write stories that others would
find pleasure in reading, stories that were her constant companions as they
tickled her imagination.
Five years later, she realized her goal with the publication of PAYBACK IN WAYBACK by The Wild Rose Press., the
Anthology, RETURN TO WAYBACK, and THE OCEAN BETWEEN. Her favorite
genres to write are Contemporary Romance and Sci-Fi with romantic elements.
Along with her writing, she enjoys helping to promote other authors through her
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Welcome Aboard Lynda!


  1. I'm perfectly thrilled to be here, Geri. Thank you so much. Looking forward to spending time with you and your readers.

  2. It's all my Pleasure. Finally!!!
    LOL! My Goodness...What it takes
    to get you away from promoting
    hundreds of others! But you're
    here. A huge Welcome & wishing you
    much success in your writing endeavors! Congrats on your book!
    A Lovely Cover!

  3. It looks great, Geri. Lynda, congrats on the novel and the great promos.

  4. Hello EA!
    Thank you very much for
    visiting us here, always much
    Appreciated! Yes! The Cover is
    Awesome And my Favorite Place was
    always the Ocean--even though Now
    I live in the desert...must be denial LOL! Can't wait to dig my
    hands into this one. Been reading
    a lot of Horror lately. I'm Craving

  5. Thank you, EA. The Ocean Between was a pleasure to write, although, for those who read the book, you'll understand when I say that Rashid was very hard to handle. *stubborn man* Nevertheless, we did come to an understanding. In the end, I wrote the story exactly the way he wanted it. He is after all, irresistible. *grins*

  6. Hi Lynda,
    It has always amazed me
    as a writer how we become 'our book.' The more involved we are
    with our characters, the More
    interesting the story becomes.
    Great! We are safe as long as we
    don't start talking to our characters, LOL! Hmmm...Food for