Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"BEYOND SEDUCTION: Loving Without Limits" Author LISA PANKAU

How do you keep the flame of love from burning out in a marriage? How do you avoid becoming another sad statistic of divorce? What does a
successful marriage demand? What does commitment mean, and what
is its value in unconditional love? Will a marriage work if we don't believe in both romance, and reality? Should each partner know the true
definition of expectations, and boundaries, and when we should not cross them? Why should conflicts always be resolved in a marriage? Why is it important to be open and honest with each other? How important is love, acceptance, and respect in every marriage? How should couples deal with psychological, emotional, and spiritual repercussions? What happens when a partner changes in a marriage, and how should each
partner deal with it? Why is it important to know who you are, and what
you want in a marriage? What happens in a marriage when communication is nonexistent? Lisa Pankau has presented these questions, with solutions, and helpful tips in "BEYOND SEDUCTION."
Her greatest passion is to help other people find love and keep it forever,
while she encourages education, and a thirst for a deeper understanding
of strength, and spiritual growth. The author has experienced life at both
ends as a divorcee and a widow, from dread and despair, to the untold
bliss of true love. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is searching for a soul mate, for all married couples, and to anyone who
seeks advice on how to spice up a relationship. This book is an excellent
resource on how to make a relationship grow in strength, and how to
hold on to what you have. The author includes helpful tips with
Aromatherapy recipes, music, and sensual atmospheres. She shares
helpful hints in role playing and sensory acknowledgment, while discussing the importance of trust, confidence,and intimacy between
each partner. Lisa Pankau's presentation, based on experience and knowledge, is thought-provoking, uplifting and inspiring. She gently
takes the reader by the hand, shows them the ultimate importance
of an open mind and heart, and how love can continue to grow in
spirit, and strength. "BEYOND SEDUCTION: Loving Without Limits"
is as radiant as MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, and as irresistible as
UNDER TUSCAN SUN, with Diane Lane.

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