Monday, September 21, 2009


Willy Colton, born with a genetic mutation, spends most of his time with
the animals in the forest, where he feels comfortable. Unlike Willy, his
twin sister was born without mutations. Sydni belongs to the Scouts, and
the United World Council's military. Willy and Sydni, along with the crew she works for set out on a journey to Venus Two. Like his sister,
Willy is determined to serve society. But Willy learns that politicians
are trying to take over their planet. Syndi tries to help her brother, after
a war begins, knowing that this planet is what Willy considers to be
his home. It's Willy's homeland, where he can live with other humans,
who also have a genetic mutation, and he will never have to be lonely
again. What does Willy and Sydni encounter as they venture out into
an intergalactic journey? Does Willy and Sydni survive the battles of war,
and who wins? Will Willy save a planet that he can finally call home? I
recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, and for all those
who enjoy a great adventure. Mark O. Chapman created an incredible
setting, including ongoing drama between the spaceship, and the planet.
The plot is interesting as the reader follows the battle scenes, creatures
come to life and emotions fill the pages as we read on about the journey
of Willy, and Sydni in the fight for survival, and homeland. As the
story blossoms, the reader can detect good versus evil in this fast paced
space adventure. The author includes faith in God, love, and dealing
with loss. There's never a dull moment from page-to-page, leaving the
reader anxious to discover what happens next. Follow the twins in this
fascinating adventure as you join them on a captivating roller-coaster-ride of mixed emotions on an intergalactic journey. "SCOUT SQUAD:
Going Native" is as clever as MEN IN BLACK, and as intense as Steven
Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Tom Cruise.

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