Thursday, October 29, 2009


Murder finds its way in Scottsdale, Arizona, better known as the world's
lovely tourist attraction, where you daydream at the pool as you soak up
the golden sun. Is Scottsdale a common ground for killers, and cheating
spouses? A beloved local artist, known to many for her efforts to aid
Hispanic, illegal immigrants is brutally murdered. Lila Morrison, a
former newspaper reporter, and suburban housewife finds out about the
murder. Feeling an emptiness in her life, and distraught over the murder, Lila becomes determined to find the killer. Using her knowledge
and skills as a former crime reporter, she sets out to follow the bloody,
forensic trail, despite all the danger involved. What advice does Lila's
three friends give her, while sipping on flavored martinis? The murder
investigation begins to brew as Lila makes Detective Garcia's blood boil,
while snooping for evidence. Why is he discontent about Lila's persistent
investigation, and is he hiding anything? Fear doesn't stop Lila from
attempting to crack the case as her courage becomes stronger, when her
best friend becomes the number one suspect. Will the criminal be found
and is the case connected to a violent, vigilante, border group? Will the
reputation of the social echelons of Scottsdale change, after discovering
a murderer is walking the same streets? Does Lila find the killer, or does
the killer find Lila? Can Lila find a conviction, or lead to the case, before
her friend is locked up behind bars? I highly recommend this novel to
all mystery lovers and to all those who enjoy fast-paced thrillers, packed
with action, and suspense. The plot is electrifying, and the characters
come to life as the investigation explodes with chilling details, every step
of the way as we find out who becomes the next victim. Will justice be
served, and for who? "SINS OF THE BORDER" is as sensational as
HIGH CRIMES, and as riveting as THE INSIDER, with Al Pacino.

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