Sunday, December 13, 2009


Maisy was a good witch, very kind to people, unlike her deceased family members, who were evil. The only living member in Maisy's family was her cousin Egbert. Maisy lived in a tree-house, and Egbert lived at the far side of the woods. Although Maisy lived alone, she enjoyed her privacy. People misjudged her, because she was old, and looked like a witch. Egbert was very old, and was a scary wizard. Maisy spent most of her life, trying to fix things. She was happy to turn wrong into right, except she was very clumsy, and her magic didn't always turn out to be the way she wanted it. She tried to remove the rainbow stripes from her talking cat, but failed. She attempted to help her talking owl, so that the owl could communicate with other owls, but failed. Maisy was one not to give up, so one day while going to visit Egbert, she decided to fetch ingredients to fix her cat. However, she was distracted in the woods by Leo, and a young girl crying. Melissa ran away from her evil uncle, and Leo did not know who he was. Maisy welcomed Leo and Melissa to live with her, so that Melissa would be safe, and Leo could help out with chores, while watching over Melissa. While collecting herbs in Maisy's garden, Melissa was taken away by her uncle's men to the castle, after the villain hit Leo. Why did uncle Tarquin want Melissa dead, before the age of eighteen? Why couldn't Leo remember who he was? Who gave Maisy the nickname of Butterfingers? Who was Prince Christian, and what happened to him in the woods? Who joins Maisy to rescue Melissa, who was locked away in the castle? Who does Egbert use a magic reversing spell on? Who rode the broomstick, which became a white horse, and where were they going? Does Tarquin pay for his cruelty, and greed? Who poisoned the king, and why? Who was Jack, and what did he tell Maisy? Who was bardolf, and what did Tarquin order him to do? I highly recommend this fascinating and educational story to children of all ages, filled with magical powers in a thrilling adventure. Morgan Fitzsimons, author and artist, created a complete triumph, which turns into a Masterpiece of delightful entertainment. Creatures come to life, and cat and owl light up the pages with humor. The unforgettable characters are impressive as drama continues in the unpredictable castle. Do the knights win the battle, and does Melissa find freedom? What happens to Leo, and did the toad eat the fly? Find out the moral to the story in this outrageous odyssey of fun and fantasy as the epic adventure unfolds in this amazing, magical world. "BUTTERFINGERS AND SECRETS" is as enchanting as BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, as captivating as HARRY POTTER, and as hilarious as SHREK THE THIRD.

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