Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"THINK LIKE A MARKETER: What It Really Takes To Stand Out From The Crowd, The Clutter, and the Competition by Author LAURON SONNIER

Author, speaker, and business owner Lauron Sonnier shows the reader how to become a Marketing Machine, through essential tools needed for success in "THINK LIKE A MARKETER." She provides helpful tips in how to keep clients happy, how to maintain a proper relationship with customers through daily courtesies, and step-by-step guidelines that lead to big profits and lasting success. Her powerful view on implementing good marketing results can entirely change a small business, directing you to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. I highly recommend this book to all business owners, and marketing professionals. The author provides guidance in how to devise a practical marketing strategy on a financial budget, how to put marketing in action, and how to be prepared to compete. Lauron's marketing ideas are clear, basic, and concise. The author designed this book for entrepreneurs who want to grow and succeed in today's challenging economy, and it is indeed a small business owner's dream-come-true. This book contains a simple marketing approach, is easily understood, and will keep a company growing and thriving. Lauron's entertaining teaching manual will show the reader how to get into a marketing mind-set, through her four secrets to standing out. Be prepared to change how you do business forever, while transforming from hope to success. The author demonstrates the importance of marketing roles and duties, how good performance with customers will have positive results, and the essential key factor of sound client relationships. Along the powerful path to success, Lauron will guide the reader with creativity as she unfolds the mystery of marketing. How to make a great impression for your customers is one of Lauron's golden keys to opening up the door to bigger, and better. Hundreds of readers will benefit from the author's fresh ideas, through the tremendous value this book contains. THINK LIKE A MARKETER: What It Really Takes To Stand Out From The Crowd, The Clutter, and the Competition, belongs on the bookshelf of all marketing professionals. Lauron's practical advice for everyday use will improve, and increase our marketing capability. The author created a gem that will attract new customers, through the guidance of a teacher, who is an expert in successful marketing strategies in today's competitive marketplace.

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