Tuesday, February 23, 2010



The populated tourist attraction of Santa Monica, California becomes the city of horror and fear. Bodies vanish one-by-one, missing abductions are mastered to perfection, leaving police and FBI in total darkness. Although the motive for the murders stand out, like a sore thumb as police desperately seek for leads and evidence, flawless killings continue as the city starves from neglect. As the vigilante attacks another victim, public panic transforms into terrifying fear, while Mark Denny's life changes instantly, shortly after the death of Carlos and the incident of what Mark thought was a carjack that turned into his worst nightmare. What events took place in Mark's life, after the loss of his good friend? Why did Carlos commit suicide, and where was his career going? Who is Mr. Mendalsen, and who did he abuse? What building was the freight elevator in, and what was it used for? Who stole Mark's car and identity, after his horrific beating? What happened to Brandon Chargon, after his shoes sank into a spongy floor? What did Mark witness, and could he end the terror in Santa Monica, without ending his own life? I highly recommend this novel to all thriller lovers who enjoy intense suspense and fast-paced action with unique characters. Geoffrey Neil created a Knockout in this exciting nail-biting thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The plot is spellbinding and the characters come to life as the author fills the pages with rage, anger, and revenge. This shockingly powerful thriller becomes a terrifying Masterpiece, made for the movie screen as twisted killers continue their mission for the homeless in a 'Death Wish' style, covering each page in electrifying suspense. The story is stunning and intoxicating, covered in horrific thrills and chills, blended in a social commentary, with a picture-perfect setting that's painted in fear. "DIRE MEANS" moves like a speeding bullet, and is as hypnotic as EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, with Ashley Judd.

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