Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Unlike many well-known authors who can create a Masterpiece in one specific genre, Gary Starta has the unique capability to create a Masterpiece, regardless of which genre he chooses. BLOOD WEB and MURDER BY ASSOSIATION left me totally content in what to expect from a juicy thriller. "ALZABREAH'S GARDEN" is another Masterpiece, created with fantasy, sizzling romance and intense suspense, which left me amazed in the production of the incredible imagination of this author. The setting he painted of the sensual tropical island fits the unique story like a glove, the picture-perfect characters come to life, and drama that turns into murder covers the pages within a society that the reader will never forget. A New Order is created by one woman as the leader, who sends many women to this island, where they must follow the laws from the power of Alzabreah. All women are invited to step into a society, where laws of marriage does not exist, and love is forbidden, but what happens if you cross the line? Who killed Katayana, and why? Unlike other Olvidian women, why did Mavra disobey the laws? How far is too far for Alzabreah as the judge, jury, and executioner? Was the high priestess willing to give a fair trial to Doldruss? I highly recommend this novel to all science fiction and erotic romance lovers. Gary Starta's descriptive, superb writing style will not disappoint you. The plot is compelling, and the author's love for science fiction, fantasy and suspense blossoms on every page as his crime scene investigation and mystery explode like fireworks. The author takes the reader from the tall, lush grass of the tropical island of oblivion to betrayal, and murder. Does Thorpleen and Mavra continue a sensuous, loving relationship, or will it be destroyed? Mavra must fight for the right to free will, but who will win the dreadful battle? Which drone has become the primary suspect in the investigation? What are the pros and cons involving cloning, and stem cell research? How many illegal experiments were covered up, before Mavra fights for the right to live? Which drone was designed to be a Romeo, and an assassin? Why was Alzabreah in a rage with Nessa? Can a murderer be brought to justice, will Alzabreah always be known as the high priestess, and who does the statue in the mainland's capital city resemble? Love and morality continues to grow in a steaming love affair as compared to GHOST with Demi Moore as it does in ALZABREAH'S GARDEN, passion wins in a love to last as portrayed in NOW & FOREVER, and suspense continues with uncontrollable rage on the same scale as REVENGE, with Kevin Costner.

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