Monday, June 28, 2010


A Rattlesnake Lawyer-Luna Cruz Thriller

With Original Music By TREVOR MCSHANE


Jonathan Miller, a Superstar in writing mystery and legal thrillers has created another Masterpiece in his sixth novel, "CONFLICT CONTRACT." Once again, the reader becomes addicted to this entertaining story in a New Mexico setting that only Miller can create with flavor, detailed with perfection. The author's voice is genuine, his stories are convincing, and he has the ability to capture the reader's interest within the first two pages. Jonathan Miller's expertise as a practicing attorney in criminal law adds drama to the story as he tells it with light humor and intense suspense at the same time. His unique writing style is captivating, clever, and impressive. I highly recommend this novel to all mystery and thriller lovers, who enjoy a combination of chills and thrills, blended with humor, and packed with action. Was the daughter of Luna Cruz kidnapped, and where was she taken to? How significant is the phone call from a mystery woman that Dan received, and what is his next move? What decision does Dan make, and is time on his side? Miller's wit, crisp dialogue, and companion CD of music for this novel adds spice to the story as twists-and-turns in the plot makes the reader crave for more. Dan Shepard and Luna Cruz join together in another legal thriller that Miller wrote with mounting evidence in a gripping tale with perfect geography that not only makes the characters hard to forget, but also the enchanting story. This novel is a top notch legal thriller, written with quality and perfection that only Jonathan Miller can Master in the world of mystery. Who is Alejandro, and what did he ask Dan to do? Who was known as Judge Looney Toons, and why did some inmates resent her? Who was Jen waving to, and why was she pacing back-and-forth outside? Why did Jen request to check on Denise, and what upset Jen's mother? Who destroyed Nurse Song's home? How old is Jen's daughter, and is she autistic, or retarded? Where did Dan get a speeding ticket, and where was he going? Who was Tyrone Johnson, and whose suit was he wearing? Who did Dan pay his last respects to at the Japanese Gardens? Who is Benally, and did he plead to armed robbery, attempted murder, or kidnapping? Who is Anastasia, and was she charged with a new felony? Who is Nastia, and did she work at the Ends Zone? Was romance in the air as two lovebirds reunite, who were they? Jump into this action packed roller-coaster ride through the dark side of the law as you witness scary events and creepy suspense throughout this addicting thriller. "CONFLICT CONTRACT" will keep you guessing to the end as in ALONG CAME A SPIDER and is as cleverly entertaining as THE GREEN MILE, with Tom Hanks.


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  2. Thank you for commenting & visiting. Jonathan is a very Talented author, his expertise in law shines through in his writing!