Wednesday, September 29, 2010

**Welcome Back Author MJ ALLAIRE**


Genre:         Women's non-fiction/Memoir/Inspirational


I grew up in South Florida, joined the Navy at eighteen, and found myself stationed far away from friends and family in beautiful Hawaii. I met a submariner there, we married, and had three beautiful children, before we moved back to the mainland. I now live in Connecticut and have found an unexpected passion in both writing as well as visiting schools, encouraging children to read, write, and not be afraid to follow their dreams!

"MY BLISSFUL LIFE" began as a humorous look at my marriage to a sailor, but it didn't take long for it to turn into a story about some of the challenges I faced as a military dependent, and how I overcame those challenges. I also think many people erroneously believe members of the military and their families have it made with free medical, dental, housing, etc. They don't realize that military families pay a high price for all the benefits they receive. Imagine missing the birth of a child, a baby's first steps, or a high school graduation? I wanted people to know how difficult military life can be on the families, and how sometimes, when there is a breakdown in the relationship, it's not always a bad thing.

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