Friday, October 29, 2010



What would it be like to live the life as a military dependent? How would it feel to live thousands of miles away from your family, and friends? How would a young mother deal with trials and tribulations of raising a family, while constantly moving from one location to another? How many countless times will you be packing your belongings, because your husband was ordered to move to another city, state, or country? How does one balance financial needs, responsibility of child-care, strength to keep the family unit together, while living a part-time marriage and serving your country? MJ Allaire, a Veteran of the United States Navy, takes the reader behind the scenes through experience as she walks you through an emotional, spiritual journey. Will she always remember the task of walking up-and-down twenty-six floors in an apartment, while carrying groceries, because three elevators broke? What made her go home with Meatball, and did Penny compensate for those lonely days when a companion was needed? How does one survive raising three young children a million miles away from immediate family, while contemplating divorce? Colic, sleep apnea and ruptured appendix are traumatic events in our lives that we always remember, but imagine the fear of possibly facing the next disaster alone? I highly recommend this book to anyone who is living the military life, and to women who wish to become inspired by following the footsteps of the author's positive attitude on life's journey. This novel is based on the author's personal experiences, a glance at Navy life, and the survival of unexpected storms that hit us hard. MJ Allaire wrote an insightful story through an emotional and spiritual journey as we look inside the life of military dependents. The reader will laugh and cry along the way as the author points out the struggles and challenges that were made, while striving for stability, and praying for strength. More important, the author discusses how we learn from our mistakes, and why communication is the golden key in personal relationships. Is becoming a parent for the first time really like playing with dolls? If we found ourselves in the same situation twice in our lives, would we react differently? Almost anything that breaks in a home can be repaired, but how long does it take to repair a broken heart? If we had one chance to relive our lives, what would we change? "MY BLISSFUL LIFE AS A SUBMARINER'S WIFE" is impressive, as emotional as STEPMOM, and as entertaining as ERIN BROCKOVICH, with Julia Roberts.

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