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A young, innocent child is born. She is trusting, caring, and curious. Before she could learn about childhood happiness, meeting new friends, and social events, her entire world is turned inside out. She is forced to grow up overnight with the responsibility of being caretaker for her mother and sisters as she faces humiliation on the outside, while coping with an extremely dysfunctional family, behind closed doors. The youngest of six children becomes traumatized with hidden horrors as her little eyes can only see chaos, abuse, and addiction. While constantly striving to survive, her world becomes darker and much worse, before she finds a way out. She lived in everyday intense turmoil, insanity, and violence, while desperately attempting to ward off the demons. As she grew older, still searching for answers, she finds herself thriving in the same type of environment from where she grew up. Her childhood memories became nightmares of alcoholism, rape, and eating disorders with the painful reminder of what tomorrow may bring. To make matters worse, while suffering from childhood trauma, she finds herself in a toxic relationship of her own, but begins to see the light before her mother's passing. She holds on tight to a thin rope, while burying her fear of change and finds not only the courage to survive, but the burning desire to help others. Her beacon of hope is the bright light to the candle that Christa Jan Ryan has lit, which will remain burning until eternity, because it sends a message of strength to all those who have not yet seen the light. The heart-wrenching story told from one brave woman who came forward as she reaches out to others with inspiration, instead of sweeping the horrors under the carpet, not only tells the world about her spiritual awakening, but also her heroic escape. The message she gives is one of peace and hope, that if she could find a new beginning after being emotionally abandoned and physically and mentally abused, so can any person who is still living in a traumatized world. I highly recommend this book to all those who are searching for inspirational stories that encourage enlightment, hope, and guidance. The touching story will make you laugh and cry as the author begins to bury the nightmares, while embracing self-love on the road to success. The story is powerfully moving as a crisis in one woman's life sends her on a healing journey that not only repairs old wounds, but one that helps others to walk on the same path. Christa Jan Ryan shows others that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel through her own compelling story, filled with motivation, and courage. "SILENT SCREAMS from the HAMPTONS" is as compelling as 28DAYS, as touching as THE COLOR PURPLE and as emotional as SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, with Julia Roberts.


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    Thank you for visiting & commenting. A very Talented author indeed!

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