Monday, January 3, 2011



Inspired by Dean Koontz, Marc Douglas created an incredible science fiction story with an imagination that sends chills up your spine page-after-page. A story based on corrupt governments, hatred, environmental crisis, and people living under difficult circumstances. This compelling story is woven with the elements that many people live with today in order to survive the trials and tribulations that life throws upon us. Genesis offers a new beginning, but what are the people faced with? The author takes the reader through a breathtaking adventure filled with love, war, courage, compassion and brutality. The issue of controlling life, combined with humanity and survival light up each page from beginning to end. Two flights crash on Genesis, which group of survivors are forced to live under a ruthless dictator? How did Leader and Shawna lose their son, and must they go to war? Where was Deak and Rachel escorted to, and did they ever see their son? What were the rules of the Federation, and what criminal acts did they commit? What was Dean and Rachel's only way out, and did Dean's plan work? Were the lives of the board members in the Federation controlled? What did George do to Dean and Rachel, and what happened to George? I highly recommend this compelling novel to all science fiction lovers, who enjoy mesmerizing stories filled with suspense, drama, and a blend of romance. Did the Federation create a clone of Joseph Lightsayer, and what was their motive? Was Joseph killed, or did he survive? Was profit the top priority for the Federation? Did the competition for jobs become another war? How many survived from Starship thirty-three, and how did the survivors aboard flight twenty-nine adapt to their new life? What was the difference between Oxxtown and Castletown? What group did THE PACK not understand, and where were their pups taken to? If the events ever came true as witnessed in this thrilling story, what would our future hold? Where would we go as population increases, environment is destroyed and resources dwindle down to nothing, what would we do to survive? Marc Douglas becomes a Master storyteller on space travel, political corruption and terrorism in a remarkable adventure that the reader could never forget. As the clock ticks and time moves on, will hope bring new life? Who was controlling the population of Castletown? What did THE PACK sense about the colony led by Lothar and Hunter? Did Leader trust Long Hair and her mate? Where was Max taken to, and did he ever see his wife again? What did Rock's mother teach him? Wonder turns to horror as the ships crash in this electrifying novel, made for the movie screen. "SLINGSHOT" is as terrifying as INDEPENDENCE DAY and as haunting as Steven King's THE LANGOLIERS!


  1. This is an amazing book and a must read for all Science Fiction readers.

  2. Thank you for Visiting & Commenting!
    I Totally Agree. A Fantastic Story from a very Talented Author indeed!