Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 Star REVIEW~~"FORK IN THE ROAD TO APOCALYPSE" Author JEFF GONSALVES                                         


Eliot Anderson creates bizarre illusions in his own battle with his psychic mind, his mother is manic-depressive, and his uncle sets out on a mission to protect Elliot, regardless of the consequences. Is Elliot dangerous, and how does one control his homicidal impulses? Chuck works for the government, but does his plans become Mission Impossible? Interrogation showed proven results that Elliot can alter reality, was he selected to be used for military combat, and why did he resist? When Elliot was imprisoned, what steps did his uncle take? Can Elliot control his psychic ability, and who does he use it against? Why did Elliot's mother lock him up in the house, and what did he transform his home into? What struggles must Elliot's uncle deal with, what is his nephew capable of, and how far will Elliot go? Why does Jerry hate himself, is Joey violent, and who is the insane android assassin? How disturbed can Elliot become under extreme stress, and what can he do to his victims? I highly recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, who enjoy thrilling stories, filled with suspense. Jeff Gonsalves becomes a Master storyteller as he creates an earth-shattering adventure that rivets and amazes. The characters are colorful, and the unique story is covered in explosive, non-stop action, made for the movie screen. What kind of chaos will result in Elliot's actions? Do health issues rise, and what will be the outcome? Does Elliot's psychic ability need to be terminated, can he be saved, and who will survive? "FORK IN THE ROAD TO APOCALYPSE" is as chilling as VIRUS, as terrifying as THE LANGOLIERS, and as haunting as THE FOG.

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