Wednesday, August 10, 2011



There was a time when a young boy remembers the closeness of his family, how much he loved both parents, and the joys of childhood. Then one day, his parents were divorced, his teen years were more than complicated and his entire world began to shatter, like broken glass. At the age of seventeen, Jesse began to live in a world of his own. An only child, who was faced with separation, betrayal, anguish and one brave teenager who fell to the ground in a desperate search for answers on how to survive. What drew Jesse further apart from his mom, and was his dad the hero that he made him out to be? What ran through Jesse's mind, while watching the twin towers in flames, what fears and guilt terrified him? What did his mom write in the note, and what message was left on the answering machine? I highly recommend this book to young adults, parents, and teachers. Sara Dean penned an incredible story that relates to today's society, family unity, divorce, and loss of a loved one. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride from beginning to end, the characters come to life, and the story will tug at your heart, page-after-page. What secret did Shandy share with Jesse, and was she telling the truth? What did Jesse do to Nicky in an outrage, and why? Why did Jesse want to enlist in the Army, and did Nicky follow his footsteps? Does Jesse bond with his grandmother, and does he get his life back? "FORGIVING JESSE" is as heartfelt as PAY IT FORWARD, as entertaining as A WALK TO REMEMBER and as emotional as STEPMOM, with Julia Roberts.   


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