Thursday, August 25, 2011

**Welcome Author JOE L. BLEVINS**


Author of "THE FAMILIAR"

Genre:  Fiction/Horror/Historical/Supernatural/Fantasy/Ethnic/Saga/Adventure


Lock your doors and say your prayers.

For evil abounds everywhere.

A Gothic Tale Of Terror!/FamiliarBlevins!/pages/Books-by-Joe-Blevins-A-Texan-artist-authormusican-and-actor/304123040807   (8-21-11) (Blog Talk Radio)!/FamiliarBlevins


Joe L. Blevins is new to the horror genre. A scary story always makes for a good read, and a great time. Joe writes and illustrates all his works. He sees the pictures first, then the stories unfurl around them. Blevins uses his interest in acting, art, music, history and photography to influence his work.


"The Scary Details Of "THE FAMILIAR"

A large coven of witches comes to Salem for the first lunar eclipse of the winter solstice in over three-hundred years. They drug a man to make him their slave. Authorities find him drunk in possession of stolen jewelry from a grave. He is quickly sentenced to be hung. The witches give him a strange potion that mimics death. The authorities bury him, thinking that he is already dead. The rare lunar eclipse during the winter solstice passes. He emerges from the grave altered, now he's in the form of a large cat that changes into a man, during the full-moon. His powers allow him to be charming and gamble to control others, with a second-sight ability that he lacked before. He can also change to many forms of beast, when his life is threatened. He can see what scares someone the most, and uses that against them.

   He takes the name, Winston Rupert Wallace. Winston uses his new powers to build great wealth to become an entrepreneur, who controls a big part of New Amsterdam. Willia and her brother Stephen, join Winston to buy some ships to move goods up-and-down the Eastern Seaboard. They use their magical powers and influence to build New Amsterdam into a thriving city to live.                   

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