Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Star Review~~"A NEW PROSPECT:City Limit" Author WAYNE ZURL


Sam Jenkins worked for the New York Police Department for twenty years, then retired and moved to Tennessee. Naturally, after retirement, he didn't plan on joining the Police Force once again, but the urge came upon him, and he acted on it. His new position as Police Chief in Prospect began with a mission to solve a homicide, investigate the suspects, and make sure justice is served. However, he had to deal with political influence and extreme pressure from people who didn't want him to take the case. What kind of reputation did Cecil Lovejoy have, and who killed him? What kind of relationship did he have with his wife? Was Sam's best friend the number one suspect? Was Pearl satisfied with Sam, or did she go over his head to push him away? Time is running out, and the clock ticks fast as Sam tries to fit the pieces into the puzzle. I highly recommend this book to all mystery lovers, who enjoy an intriguing story filled with suspense, interesting characters, and humor. Wayne Zurl uses his expertise as a professional in criminal justice as he becomes a Master storyteller in a setting that fits like a glove as he creates a gripping story with intense suspense, page-after-page. The characters with their Southern accent come to life, the twists-and-turns make the reader crave for more, and the author's imagination and creativity become addictive. The story is intelligent, interesting, and enjoyable. Will the crime be solved as New York law meets Southern society? Will greed, hatred, and bribery be swept from under the carpet? Will the wealthy and powerful win the game, or the war? Who are the innocent, and will the guilty be convicted? "A NEW PROSPECT:City Limit" contains as much Yankee charm as MY COUSIN VINNY, is as suspenseful as THIRTEEN DAYS, and is as dramatic as PRESUMED INNOCENT, with Harrison Ford.


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