Thursday, September 29, 2011

*Welcome Back Author Joe L. Blevins*


The Texas Republic Series

Genre:  Historical Fiction

The Texas Republic (2002)

After The Republic(2008)

Gone To Texas-Two Plays Of Early Texas(2008)

A Visit To Pawpaw's Book One(2009)

A Visit to Pawpaw's Book Two(2009)

The Escape From Eden(2010)

The Familiar(2011) (Search Books) JOE L. BLEVINS

~~~Author Bio~~~          

Joe loved to draw from an early age. He would write down descriptions and ideas for future projects that accompanied his pictures. His handwriting was terrible, so his parents had him writing his alphabet and numbers in a writing tablet every Sunday afternoon. Joe quickly grew bored, writing pages of the same thing. He knew stories that his paternal grandfather told him, about his life growing up in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory, before Oklahoma became a state in 1907. Joe also learned from stories of his other family coming to Texas as Peters' Colonists, before it was a state in 1845. This was much more interesting to write about than any old alphabets, or numbers! Joe's handwriting improved, and so did his interest in writing, and drawing. In time, this became many folders and boxes of information that Joe learned about from close family and friends, who had similar family stories. There was a common thread that these stories shared, showed the determination of the early pioneer people to survive and tolerate hardships, to build up something worthwhile, where there was nothing before. These were the seeds for Joe's first books about the early history of Texas. Joe has many facets, so these interests inspire new and different books to draw the attention of the public. Joe's interests are varied from art; history;scriptwriting;photography; music; and acting. His books reflect these varied interests. Seven books later, Joe has made each one unique to tell a story the way it has never been told before. Joe has four books on history, two children's books, and a new Gothic tale of terror.                               

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