Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 Star REVIEW~~"Mysteerie Manor II" Author SHARON HAYS


Maryanne O'Donnell was looking for the perfect house that she could invest in. She found one with all the top qualities to meet her standards, with her love for antiques, and history. She becomes fascinated with an old, Italian beauty, excited to move in with the love of her life. However, what she didn't realize was the fact that she got much more than what she bargained for. Maryanne knew about the creepy reputation and the spirits at the Valencia, preparing to rid of the spirits, prior to moving in. Did Vivian's physic powers cleanse the Manor permanently? How many tragic deaths were reported from the time of construction to its last owner? Did screams bounce off the walls, and what unexpected chilling events took place, behind closed doors? Is the Valencia Manor in Colorado an eerie mansion, with its own personality? Who felt a cold breeze from behind the walls, and is pushed forcefully from a terrifying presence? Will evil continue within the world of spirits? I highly recommend this gripping horror mystery to all thriller lovers, who enjoy explosive drama, and intense suspense. Sharon Hays created a haunting, intriguing, and captivating story of the supernatural, made for the movie screen. A Masterpiece of paranormal suspense, thrilling twists-and-turns, along with horrifying events leave you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Strange accidents, bizarre adventures, and mysterious deaths require extra help from many detectives. But will the priest and psychic also be needed to fight a paranormal entity in this spell-binding thriller? What did it take to convince Mario to believe in spirits? What happened to Maryanne, and did Joan believe that Maryanne was not dead? "MYSTEERIE MANOR II: The House that keeps on giving" is as terrifying as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, as chilling as THE EXORCIST, and as scary as THE HAUNTING.


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