Friday, November 4, 2011


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Beth discovers a hidden secret, information concerning her husband that she wasn't supposed to find. Richard, who is a politician is determined to keep the information a secret at any cost. Beth finds herself running away from her abused husband, and only had ten hours to vanish. Why did Beth use duct tape on Richard, and did he try to kill her? The only solution to her ongoing problem was to accept a job in Pennsylvania as a caretaker of an estate. However, shortly after she is relieved by the thought of safety for her and her children, she finds out that her employer was dead. Did Jack investigate the murder, did Beth confess to Jack that she was hiding from Richard, and who shot Richard? Will the shocking details of Beth's past come forward? I highly recommend this fascinating thriller to all mystery lovers, who enjoy bone-chilling stories, blended with romance. Melinda Leigh penned a chilling story, filled with romance, and intense suspense. An abused wife is on the run, along with a serial killer, and more than one investigation must lead to several murders. The author takes the reader on a thrilling roller-coaster ride as pain, fear, and violence continue to follow Beth. Who is the Riverside Killer, did Jeff plant evidence in Will's trunk, and does Beth go to prison? Will Beth be safe, does Jack fit all the pieces to the puzzle, and how long will Richard hover in Beth's shadow? Will a creepy villain be prosecuted, who will seek revenge, and will justice be served? "SHE CAN RUN" is packed with action, conspiracy, and passion from beginning to end. Danger is in the air in this highly entertaining, passionate, engrossing thriller!

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