Friday, November 25, 2011


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Nancy Jensen takes the reader on an epic journey through eighty years, an emotional roller-coaster ride of happiness, and tragedy. The lives of two sisters are lived far apart, but the bonds of blood are tied in a knot, and never broken. What secrets tear apart Bertie and Mabel? What choices were made that divided their lives, and how did they survive through trauma and heartbreak? I highly recommend this extraordinary, compelling novel to all fiction lovers, who enjoy American literature, blended with history and romance. The story is beautifully written, deeply moving, and the characters come to life as the author illuminates secrets within one family portrait. The vibrant story with unforgettable characters becomes an intimate, captivating journey through The Depression, World War II, and Vietnam. The author describes how life was lived for women through the decades, the power of love, and betrayal. "THE SISTERS" is touching and is filled with joy, sorrow, and triumph!

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