Monday, December 12, 2011

5 Star REVIEW~~"SIDE-YARD SUPERHERO:Life Lessons From An Unlikely Teacher" Dr. RICK D. NIECE


Inspired by small town nostalgia and precious memories, Dr. Rick D. Niece takes the reader on a delightful journey of fond memories of friendship that will not only tug at your heart, but will make you laugh, and cry. Bernie, confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, became Rick's best friend. He teaches Rick about human spirit, compassion, and trust. A lifetime adventure begins between two young boys in a small town, where morals and values reflected on the kind of person we would like to be. A small town in Ohio existed where many children spread their wings and left the nest, but it was also admired as the perfect place to come home. I highly recommend "SIDE-YARD SUPERHERO:Life Lessons from An Unlikely Teacher" to all those who enjoy stories that are filled with inspiration and sentiment, and for people with disabilities, and their loved ones. The author penned a touching, heartfelt story on true friendship, loyalty, and life's best lessons. Rick and Bernie share an unbreakable bond of friendship in a picture-perfect childhood, where precious memories are treasured forever. This book is a magnificent work of nonfiction, based on true friendship, boyhood memories, and life's unforgettable lessons. A refreshing remembrance of innocence, seen through the eyes of a hero.

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