Sunday, January 1, 2012

**Welcome back Author SAM MOFFIE**

Author of 5 novels:
'To Kill The Duke'
'The Organ Grinder And The Monkey'   5 Star Review
'No Mad'   5 Star Review
'The Book Of Eli'  5 Star Review
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~~'To Kill The Duke'  (Genre): Historical Fiction

***About The Author***
 **Featured Author Of The Year** 2010

~~~Sam Moffie was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in 2006. But, Sam isn't one to wallow in self pity. As he recuperated, his long-held dream of becoming a fiction writer started percolating in his brain. Not having much to do, he decided to test the publishing waters by sending out the first twenty pages of 'Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast Of Champions' to a variety of the top houses around. Every single publisher rejected it, and only Vonnegut's own publisher recognized it. Realizing that his own brand of social satire, humor and quirkiness would also land in the slush pile, he decided to self publish, and he hasn't looked back. Every single book he has written won awards, and he has garnered thousands of fans.    

~~~About The Book~~~

As with all of Sam's books, 'To Kill The Duke' is Brilliant, and filled with satire. The politics conveyed within the pages makes this story too close to home in today's world. Read on how Sam keeps the heat on the establishment, and those in authority.        

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