Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~~"LIGHTWORKERS SAGA" Author Hanna de Jager


Adrian was filled with rage, lying on the hard bunk in his cell, making the criminals fear the beast that lives inside him. Alexander climbed the ladder of success at age twenty-eight, becoming the youngest detective in the murder division. Who killed Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and why? Who is Alex dreaming of, and does he marry Kate? Katherine struggles with drugs, left home at age nineteen, and has to find herself to move on in life. What kind of relationship did Katherine have with Jerome, and who did she love? I highly recommend this book to all mystery and thriller lovers, who enjoy intriguing stories with intense suspense. Hanna de Jager penned a chilling, compelling tale of love, hatred, and obsession. The personalities of each character reflect upon the good, the bad, and the ugly. Did Adrian lose everything he worked for, and will there be destruction of the Lightworkers? Why was Alex and Katherine's past lives sad, was Katherine a witch, and why was she arrested? Who stood within the sacred circle to recite a pledge, and how many faced the alter with bread and wine? Was Gabriel a Lightworker, who killed Rue, and will Morgana be back? Enter the Universe of mystery that determines who will go where in this life and maybe the next! "LIGHTWORKERS SAGA" is as entertaining as A COLDER KIND OF DEATH, as thrilling as A HAUNTING IN SALEM, and as suspenseful as HALF LIGHT, with Demi Moore.

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