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Nicci Beauvoir has been through a traumatizing ordeal that most women may not be able to handle, mentally or physically. However, through her incredible strength and inquisitive mind, she continues her mission to resolve haunting issues to give her eternal peace. She sets out on a mission, despite the danger involved to put all the pieces together in a mysterious puzzle. She returns to her beloved hometown in New Orleans to attend a wedding as her heart begins to pound, after gazing at a familiar figure strolling through Jackson Square, was it her lost love, or her imagination? Who was charged with murder for killing David, and why was Michael hated? Can Nicci bury the horrifying events that took place three years ago, or will it haunt her forever? How long can she hide secrets from Dallas, and will she ever marry him? How did Nicci meet Dallas, and can she trust Simon? What sacrifice must she take to finally demolish the nightmare she has lived so long in order to know the true meaning of happiness? Alexandrea Weis, a Master storyteller takes the reader on an unforgettable journey, filled with twists-and-turns from beginning to end, made for the movie screen. I highly recommend this intriguing book to all romance suspense lovers. One could feel the warm Southern breezes in a picture-perfect setting of New Orleans, the action-packed story that becomes a deadly thriller has you biting your nails throughout, and the heroine is a woman we shall remember long after the book is closed. How far will Nicci go, and what price will she pay? Is Dallas in danger, and what does he do to protect Nicci? The reader will admire the dynamic personalities of the characters in this gripping tale that will satisfy your curiosity one-hundred percent! "SACRIFICE" is as entertaining as NO MERCY, as thrilling as PRESUMED INNOCENT, and as compelling as REVENGE, with Kevin Costner.  

Alexandrea Weis is a Registered Nurse from New Orleans, who has been writing novels and screenplays for over twenty years.                                                                                      

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