Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~~"THE BURNT CITY:A Novel Of Iran On The Eve Of Revolution" Author ROBERT BANGOR


Robert Bangor is a veteran of more than seventeen years in Iran and an eye-witness to the Revolution. He provides his readers with important facts on violent events, greed, and escalating chaos that took place in different locations, including the Burnt City itself. This intriguing story begins in 1978 as Iran slides into Revolution, the storms of war erupt, which open up doors to opportunities for adventurers, and secrets pertaining to hidden money spread like wildfire. The drama becomes intense when Margaret Lexler and her shields find themselves under the spotlight as money is pursued from Tehran to a bloody showdown at the Burnt City. How did Margaret and Greg escape from Akbar, and did they make it back to Tehran? Was there betrayal between Margaret and Greg, and did Margaret tell the police she was kidnapped? Did Greg try to kill Chuck for the money? I highly recommend this novel to all adventure lovers, who enjoy historic stories based on war. Robert Bangor penned a Masterpiece, packed with action and suspense from beginning to end, based on one historic Revolution. The characters come to life in a heart-wrenching story as the picture-perfect setting portrays a petrified city, while hostage taking begins, sparkling chemistry, and the complexities of painful trauma. This gripping story shows not only how war affects the lives of friends and family, but also the life-long consequences of the suffering that took place. How many wounded will survive the destruction of war, and how many will suffer in silence, long after it ends? "THE BURNT CITY:A Novel Of Iran On The Eve Of Revolution" is as compelling as COLLAPSE, as intelligent as THE WAY BACK, and as informative as IRAN(is not the problem).

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